welcome to our pub


we are a not-for-profit cell of individuals. Our ultimate goal is to make eating in public profitable to the extent that it is sustainable. Currently in San Francisco and the nine Bay Area Counties (2018) rent is a prohibitive cost for growth. Landlords are in line with 16th century guidelines. Landlords reap the benefits while the artisans, the craftspeople much like in the16th century must find workarounds to get the products of their craft to consumers.

in my opinion these priorities will change for the benefit of craftspeople.

we are a not-for-profit cell of individuals who believe in the individual. you are welcome here and you have equal say in what we serve.

intelligent discourse & rhetoric is welcome here, however you must follow the norms of these conventions or you will be blocked.

this particular site is focused on food and literature.

hearts and minds.

where’s the shit? let me go stir it…




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